We were there in the 80s. And the 90s. And the 00s. We’re still churning them out in the 20-teens! We started making a racket in 1985 in the basement, formless noise (with a steady beat) morphing into simple songs by 1987, when we started our first official band (The Martyrs). For years we just filled up cassette tapes, making mixes, just shy of calling them albums (we thought you had to be famous to do that).

Sleeping Brothers Records is a semi-fictional net label sprung from the ashes of Long Island, NY cassette label, Big Casserole Records (1995-2001) and Portland, OR CDR label MushyApple Records (2001-2010), as well as producers of new music exclusively for SBR. The label name is just an umbrella term for this collective of basement bands who never went upstairs. Everyone is in charge of his/herself. Kind of a musical socialism, I guess. Portland, Ore. Always recording, never touring. www.sleepingbrothers.com

The library of albums both new and archival continues to grow at our Bandcamp page where most of the music is a buck or two. Sometimes free. We’re not Top 20 music. Maybe Top 200 on CMG? We don’t operate under the delusion of deserved fame or expected wealth. That didn’t cross our youthful minds (when we were still young) when we were recording in our bedrooms and basements (which we still are). But we will sell-out in a hot second to a corporation wanting to license any or all our music. Until then, Sleeping Brothers Records is the people’s label. Certain people with certain tastes who say certain things like, “Hey, this song is pretty good, it reminds me of a better song, but I like it anyway, just in a lesser sense than the better song.”


If, for some reason I have not yet fathomed, you’d like to contact Sleeping Brothers Records or any or all of the bands, write to: sleepingbrothers@gmail.com